David L. Bristow

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I am an associate director for the Nebraska State Historical Society, where I manage the publications division and serve as editor of a scholarly journal, Nebraska History. This site and the works described here are my own and not part of my work for the NSHS.


I started out in educational publishing more than twenty years ago, working for Writing! magazine and Contemporary Books’ Amazing Century series of history books. Since then I’ve done freelance writing, served as managing editor of Nebraska Life magazine, and wrote a book of regional interest, A Dirty, Wicked Town: Tales of 19th Century Omaha (Caxton Press), and a book of aeronautical history for middle-grade readers, Sky Sailors: True Stories of the Balloon Era (Farrar, Straus and Giroux). My forthcoming book is Flight to the Top of the World: Adventures of Walter Wellman (University of Nebraska Press, Spring 2018).







In 1897, Swedish balloonist Salomon Andree tried to fly a balloon to the North Pole.


David Bristow’s biography isn’t nearly as interesting. But he hasn’t been eaten by polar bears on a remote Arctic island.